Rollcage Extreme

Welcome to the primary download source for Rollcage Extreme - a reboot of the Rollcage Stage II racer. Click on the link to fuel up ...

Disclaimer (it's a modern world): This video game is copyrighted to, and remains the property of Psygnosis/Sony. Furthermore, I make no claim upon on it. I was one of the original coders on the game, and my intention here has only been to fix bugs and improve the experience for a modern audience. Needless to say, you should only download and play this game if you own a copy of the original. I warmly encourage any representative of Psygnosis/Sony to contact me directly if they have any objection to what I've tried to do here, as certainly, I hope it's obvious that no offense has been meant.

v1.1.9, 21st August, 2017

  • New music player
  • Removed DirectPlay dependency due to bad Windows 10 support
  • Removed network multiplayer option

v1.1.8, 26th May, 2015

  • Audio now explicitly mixed at 48KHz to avoid problems with environmental effects

v1.1.7, 25th December 2014

  • Improved the appearance of line particle primitives
  • Improved the rendering of smoke and dust trails with code re-engineering
  • Made the auto-update check a little more robust
  • Auto-update check now performed on a background thread to prevent stall at game exit
  • The bringbacktheoldtimes cheat code toggles the PlayStation version CD music track indexing
  • Fixed serious memory allocation bug introduced in v1.1.0
    - this was very sporadic and often hidden by the Windows Fault Tolerant Heap

v1.1.6, 23rd October 2014

  • Movies now played at the correct aspect ratio
  • Reduced the opacity of the HUD background
  • Sized the car sprite on the HUD correctly for knockout races
  • Improved the accuracy of the frame timing
  • Smoothed the timing in loose network mode
  • Improved the rendering of missile trails
  • Fixed broken loading of large textures
  • Stopped the ice weapon from completely obscuring the rear view mirror
  • Added in new rain sound effect and increased the volume that it plays at 

v1.1.5, 9th October 2014

  • Removed (obsolete) background network message processing
  • Improved audio mixing performance
  • Added reverberation to the audio sources when in an enclosed environment
  • Added reverberation signalling to the game code
  • Automatic game update checking feature when the game exits
  • Defaulted some audio options that are no longer optional
  • Improvements to audio for systems that have a LFE channel component
  • Now installs on the Windows Server OS (though I make no guarantees)

v1.1.4, 12th September 2014

  • Video now played in 32 bit colour where possible
  • Improved the balancing of some sound effects
  • Improved the visual distribution of the radius bomb particles
  • Improved the rendering of the missile trails graphics
  • Increased the audio update frequency to smooth out sound effect changes
  • Missing movie files now doesn't cause the game to crash

v1.1.3, 31st August 2014

  • Improved the 3D processing on the sound subsystem
  • Improved the volume controls to be audibly linear
  • Improved the balancing of some of the sound effects
  • Improved building explosions so they are not as needlessly dense
  • Added a 12% deadzone to the input controllers

v1.1.2, 30th August 2014

  • New sound subsystem that is vastly superior to the old one
  • Fixed various sound-related in-game bugs
  • Input system now works correctly on Alt Tab during initialisation
  • Disabled various redundant options in the user interface
  • Temporarily (at least) removed gamma adjustment as this interferes with the desktop
  • Made the undoubled time warp simply half as powerful and the doubled time warp
  • Removed semitransparent sprite rationalisation code

v1.1.1, 26th August 2014

  • Improved the rendering of the air-heating effect
  • Fixed crash bug when using the Steam Overlay
  • Modifications for improved Direct3D state restoration

v1.1.0, 24th August 2014

  • Fixed rendering clipping bug which left odd pixels on top and left edges of the screen
  • Fixed analog joystick axis mapping to controller inputs
  • Fixed a handful of general bugs exposed by a modern compiler
  • Fixed replay file being deleted before it was being used
  • Fixed time warp rendering error
  • Fixed input bug with some polled devices not returning state information
  • Added windowed mode which smooths out the rendering on most machines
  • Auto-select the resolution / bit depth based on the current desktop setting
  • Added display page-flipping option (improves display smoothness on some machines)
  • Allowed Alt Tab to function, as well as all the other system keys
  • New, much more accurate frame timing code for a smoother frame rate
  • Switched on SSE2 support in the compiler options
  • Now using a section of the registry to store game settings that isn't protected by Windows
  • Replay files now stored in a file system location that isn't protected by Windows
  • Program now reloads itself, rather than a hard-coded exe name, when it restarts the UI
  • Added a generalised bitmap loader for high-colour textures
  • Maintain the aspect ratio correctly when rendering loading screens
  • Added the iamalazybastard password to enable all options
  • More conservative CPU usage when the CPU is not required (the physics is locked to 30 FPS)
  • Improved the explosion effect
  • Improved rain weather effect
  • Improved the car shadow rendering to help combat the Z fighting issue
  • Improved the blending characteristics of many of the rendering effects and head-up display
  • Improved the time warp screen effect to match Rollcage Redux
  • Newly frozen screen for player being attacked with ice wheels
  • New mp3/ogg music player
  • Extended the file-based music playing API to replace more of the CD track playing API
    - including correct volume setting and random (shuffle) track play
  • Volume fade on user interface music before game
  • Improved the rendering of the explosion shock waves
  • Improved the aesthetic distribution of explosion fragments
  • Improved the rendering of effects to match the time of day
  • Improved the rendering of loading screens to avoid lines between different texture pages
  • Improved the end-of-game statistics rendering to fit screen correctly
  • Made the undoubled time warp more effective against opponents
  • Removed triple-buffering option (not used in a Windowed environment)
  • Removed SIMD and 3DNow assembler vector transform routines
    - no longer any benefit
  • Removed a lot of sensitive assembly routines and replaced them with C code
    - this allows compiler optimisations for modern processors
  • Removed bump mapping as it was badly implemented, may revisit later