Rollcage, Rebus

The combat racer. Today, and seemingly for the longest time, an archaic concept consigned to history. Where simulation and the sandbox dominate the motoring scene, where have those heavy weapon racers gone? Where are the guns? Where are the missiles? Where those glorious, refulgent explosions? In the mists of your memories, golden days spent at the pad of the arcing, mellifluous Wipeout, majestic sessions in battle through the frenetic, hardcore classic that is Rollcage. All that is left, fleeting vistas sweeping through your mindscape of a bygone age. The combat racer, in all its grizzled glory, gone. Achingly absent. Lost. Perhaps, forever?

Not if we have anything to do with it.


Enter project Grip

Harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 4, over the last few months we've managed to produce a working prototype of everything that made Rollcage the classic game that it is. The obscene weaponry, the devastating destruction, the hardcore handling, the insane speed coupled with those bombastic explosions. And yes, even driving on the ceilings. You name it. Grip, guns and gears, it's got it all.


Thus far, the work of just two people. Myself, as you might imagine, and a certain Mr Chris Mallinson. In truth, Chris is the main driving force behind this venture, and myself, a very willing collaborator. An incredibly talented guy, I can think of no-one I could trust more, to work with in raising this game to our screens. Working our nuts off to bring this project to reality. A chance to relive again, those heady days of swords, shields and speed.

But let's be clear, this is no clone, and due to IP restrictions, no sequel either. A spiritual successor if you will. Taking the best of what Rollcage was, and fusing it with the best of what is achievable with modern technology, Grip is to distil the very essence of the energy of Rollcage, and take it to the pinnacle of all that it can be. Brace yourself, player, you're going to have to bring everything you got to compete in this arena. Sh#t just got real. With Grip, we'll see how good you really are.

But we've a long way to go before the battles can be reborn. After all, we are just two people, and we're going to need a fair few more. More people, and more money, lots of money. More than we could possibly find for ourselves, Grip is heading to KickStarter, this Summer. And if you want this project to succeed, if you want to be in the fight, we're going to need your help. You, me, and everybody here, will have to shout with all the air our lungs can muster. To be seen, to be heard, in the blizzard of activity that courses through the web each and every nanosecond of each and every day, it is only those that shout the loudest that are ever really heard. We need you. We need all of you.

Tunnel section

But wait, not just yet. What you see here is just the seed of what is to come. An early preview, a token, to the Rollcage Steam community who we know will do all they can to make this endeavour a success. And of course, it goes without saying, we're looking for your input as well as your voice. We want to please those that are closest to the game and have a real feel for what it could become, those that have the imagination and the ideas to help it reach its very fullest potential. It will be our very best work, to make what we hope, will be precious gaming memories to come.

As soon as we've an official company web-site in just a week or two more, your chance to ally yourself with us begins. Get ready.

[Posted 06/19/2015]

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