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Yes, Ultra is now available for download! Just rip it down and run the installation program - you'll need a PC with about 30Mb of free disk space and a fairly decent 3D graphics card. Windows 2000 or above and DirectX 9.0c or above are also required.


So play, be happy, and work up a sweat getting that lovin' feeling. This download is a completely free, gratis, unlimited version of Ultra. Of course, I do encourage you though to make a small donation to help pay for things like web hosting and development software. So take it out and give it a spin - it'll probably be the best thing that you'll do today.

Please remember that Ultra is a progressive project, and that it will continue to get better and better. Every release in and of itself is complete and certainly more than worthy of precious gaming time, but we just can't leave it alone and have to keep improving it.

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