The latest information
Screen shots
Excited by the words? See it in its full techni-colour glory. [More]
You've heard enough, and you want to feel it for yourself. [More]
The real deal
You like it, you want it, so what do you have to do to get it? [More]
Gallery of legends
All the big players with all the big scores, right here online. [More]
Everything related to Ultra and Tempest, and then some. [More]
What it is
Long overdue and the game remake that was simply crying out to be made - Ultra is Tempest for the 21st Century. A rabid light show and music trip combined with the frenetic gameplay of the immortal classic - Ultra will melt your mind and flutter your soul. Harking back to the arcade excitement of your youth, yet full of the visual and audio jazz of modernity. Professionally written by games industry veterans, it is at once retro, and revolutionary.
Ultra is the result of the love of the hallowed game Tempest; recognition of working within the modern games industry on big titles is no longer quite the fast-paced creative process of yesteryear; and a strong desire to make a return to those halcyon days of old.
The full story
The whole thing, from top to bottom, the game that is Ultra. All the information about what the game is, how it was developed and where it is going to be taken in the future is right here.
Take it home
You've read the story, seen the pictures, played the first few levels and now you truly understand that you need this game to complete your life. Well here's your ticket to arcade heaven ...
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